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How I work 

Coaching for Being & Living Well


I offer a meaning-centred holistic approach in my coaching practice. Coaching is not a therapy, but my approach can be therapeutic.


You can bring any topic or concern, or if you do not have anything specific in mind, then bring yourself to our coaching space. We will start our conversation and see what comes up that we need to work on. 


  • I will value your personal experiences on your own terms.

  • I will take a non-binary and non-pathologising stance to human diversity.

  • I will not do for you, but be with you.

  • I will not cure you, but care for you.


I believe that many individuals have capacities for creativity and adaptation to life even in the face of great loss and adversity.


My role is to create a safe space and explore your inner and experiential resources to bring about a meaningful and personal shift.


  • Reflect and uncover your hidden qualities.

  • Explore and make authentic choices.


A willingness to explore with courage, curiosity and openness is vital. If you are ready, I am here to dive together into the deep ocean of exploration, facilitating the process for you to find your own answer for your life – surfacing in a new world with your own meanings.


Please note: my sessions are not suitable for people seeking medical diagnoses or medical solutions for mental health conditions.


I adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. My practice is processed through existentially oriented and qualified supervision, and everything discussed is confidential.





  • Sessions are one-to-one, and run on Zoom.

  • Each session is for 50 minutes.

  • Sessions in English or Japanese.


At the start of our work, we will discuss your personal session plan and agree on a session structure (either a fixed number or flexible number of sessions).



I can set up a 20-minute initial consultation for free, with no obligation to continue. This allows us both an opportunity to ask some questions and get a sense of each other, and then, we can decide the next step. 

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